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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Get Yourself Out Of A Scrape With Free Online Translation Tools

Most people who have been abroad or who at some stage have studied other languages tend to think of themselves as fair linguists. Granted, whilst abroad, they may very well be able to order lunch and refreshments and converse on a basic level, however, when faced with written documentation, they very often find their ability somewhat lacking.

The problem is that when speaking to someone in person, very often the context of the conversation with possibly a few accompanying hand gestures, generally overrides any deficiencies in vocabulary or grammar. When you actually see a language written grammatically though, simple conjugations often change recognised verbs, into something quite alien.

Faced then, with (usually important) documents from abroad, most people find themselves in a bit of a fix.

Luckily, the answer is easily within reach - you can easily access free translations online.

A cursory scan of any of the major search engines on the internet will come up with a great many free online translation sites. They are all very easy to use and it's really just a matter of typing in the desired word or phrase, selecting the source language and the target language and then pressing a button.

These free online translation tools, can be a real boon. They will literally translate whatever you put into them and can certainly give you a basic understanding of what a foreign document is trying to relate.

What they won't do, however, is give you a clear and precise translation because they literally translate word for word, the result will not be grammatical and will not necessarily make sense without having to piece together the text and frame it in the context of the subject matter.

Following the link above, however, will take you to a compilation of the best free translation resources. There is good reason to visit a site with a variety of translation engines. Every engine is slightly different and by having the use of more than one resource, you will be able to easily cross-check any words or phrases that don't quite come out sensibly. It's always good to have a fall back and It might just get you out of a real scrape.

One word of advice though: if the translations that you need to undertake are at all important to your company's business, or a mistranslation could have serious ramifications on your business were they to be at fault. You should always engage a professional translation company. Ultimately, there is nothing like a human translator to make perfect sense out of a linguistic muddle!

Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Get-Yourself-Out-Of-A-Scrape-With-Free-Online-Translation-Tools&id=706676

Saturday, 24 January 2015

How to Deal with Content Scrapers

There are few approaches that people take when dealing with content scrapers. The Do Nothing Approach, Kill them all approach, Take Advantage of them approach.

The Do Nothing Approach

This is by far the easiest approach you can take. Usually the most popular bloggers would recommend this because it takes A LOT of time fighting the scrapers. This approach simply recommends that “instead of fighting them, spend your time producing even more quality content and having fun”. Now obviously if it is a well-known blog like Smashing Magazine, CSS-Tricks, Problogger, or others, then they do not have to worry about it. They are authority sites in Google’s eyes.

However during the Panda Update, we know some good sites got flagged as scrapers because google thought their scrapers were original content. So this approach is not always the best in our opinion.

Kill them all Approach

The exact opposite of the “Do Nothing Approach”. In this approach, you simply contact the scraper and ask them to take the content down. If they refuse to do so or simply do not reply to your requests, then you file a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) with their host. In our experience, majority of the scraping websites do not have a contact form available. If they do, then utilize it. If they do not have the contact form, then you need to do a Whois Lookup.

Whois Lookup

You can see the contact info on the administrative contact. Usually the administrative, and technical contact is the same. The whois also shows the domain registrar. Most well-known web hosting companies and domain registrars have DMCA forms or emails. You can see that this specific person is with Hostgator because of their nameservers. HostGator has a form for DMCA complaints. If the nameserver is something like ns1.theirdomain.com, then you have to dig deeper by doing reverse IP lookups and searching for IPs.

You can also use a third party service for DMCA.com for takedowns.

Jeff Starr in his article suggest that you should block the bad guy’s IPs. Access your logs for their IP address, and then block it with something like this in your root .htaccess file:

1    Deny from 123.456.789

You can also redirect them to a dummy feed by doing something like this:

1    RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} 123\.456\.789\.

2    RewriteRule .* http://dummyfeed.com/feed [R,L]

You can get really creative here as Jeff suggests. Send them to really large text feeds full with Lorem Ipsum. You can send them some disgusting images of bad things. You can also send them right back to their own server causing an infinite loop which will crash their site.

The last approach that we take is to take Advantage of them.


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Using Data Mining Services

In today's globalized marketplace Customer relationship management (CRM) is deemed as crucial business activity to compete efficiently and outdone the competition. CRM strategies heavily depend on how effectively you can use the customer information in meeting their needs and expectations which in turn leads to more profit.

Some basic questions include - what are their specific needs, how satisfied they are with your product or services, is there a scope of improvement in existing product/service and so on. For better CRM strategy you need a predictive data mining models fueled by right data and analysis. Let me give you a basic idea on how you can use Data mining for your CRM objective.

Basic process of CRM data mining includes:

1. Define business goal
2. Construct marketing database
3. Analyze data
4. Visualize a model
5. Explore model
6. Set up model & start monitoring

Let me explain last three steps in detail.

Visualize a Model:

Building a predictive data model is an iterative process. You may require 2-3 models in order to discover the one that best suit your business problem. In searching a right data model you may need to go back, do some changes or even change your problem statement.

In building a model you start with customer data for which the result is already known. For example, you may have to do a test mailing to discover how many people will reply to your mail. You then divide this information into two groups. On the first group, you predict your desired model and apply this on remaining data. Once you finish the estimation and testing process you are left with a model that best suits your business idea.

Explore Model:

Accuracy is the key in evaluating your outcomes. For example, predictive models acquired through data mining may be clubbed with the insights of domain experts and can be used in a large project that can serve to various kinds of people. The way data mining is used in an application is decided by the nature of customer interaction. In most cases either customer contacts you or you contact them.

Set up Model & Start Monitoring:

To analyze customer interactions you need to consider factors like who originated the contact, whether it was direct or social media campaign, brand awareness of your company, etc. Then you select a sample of users to be contacted by applying the model to your existing customer database. In case of advertising campaigns you match the profiles of potential users discovered by your model to the profile of the users your campaign will reach.

In either case, if the input data involves income, age and gender demography, but the model demands gender-to-income or age-to-income ratio then you need to transform your existing database accordingly.

For any queries related to Data mining CRM applications, please feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to answer each of your queries in detail.


Thursday, 8 January 2015

Data Mining Is Useful for Business Application and Market Research Services

One day of data mining is an important tool in a market for modern business and market research to transform data into an information system advantage. Most companies in India that offers a complete solution and services for these services. The extraction or to provide companies with important information for analysis and research.

These services are primarily today by companies because the firm body search of all trade associations, retail, financial or market, the institute and the government needs a large amount of information for their development of market research. This service allows you to receive all types of information when needed. With this method, you simply remove your name and information filter.

This service is of great importance, because their applications to help businesses understand that it can perform actions and consumer buying trends and industry analysis, etc. There are business applications use these services:

1) Research Services
2) consumption behavior
3) E-commerce
4) Direct marketing
5) financial services and
6) customer relationship management, etc.

Benefits of Data mining services in Business

• Understand the customer need for better decision
• Generate more business
• Target the Relevant Market.
• Risk free outsourcing experience
• Provide data access to business analysts
• Help to minimize risk and improve ROI.
• Improve profitability by detect unusual pattern in sales, claims, transactions
• Major decrease in Direct Marketing expenses

Understanding the customer's need for a better fit to generate more business target market.To provide risk-free outsourcing experience data access for business analysts to minimize risk and improve return on investment.

The use of these services in the area to help ensure that the data more relevant to business applications. The different types of text mining such as mining, web mining, relational databases, data mining, graphics, audio and video industry, which all used in enterprise applications.


Monday, 5 January 2015

The Manifold Advantages Of Investing In An Efficient Web Scraping Service

Bitrake is an extremely professional and effective online data mining service that would enable you to combine content from several webpages in a very quick and convenient method and deliver the content in any structure you may desire in the most accurate manner. Web scraping may be referred as web harvesting or data scraping a website and is the special method of extracting and assembling details from various websites with the help from web scraping tool along with web scraping software. It is also connected to web indexing that indexes details on the online web scraper utilizing bot (web scraping tool).

The dissimilarity is that web scraping is actually focused on obtaining unstructured details from diverse resources into a planned arrangement that can be utilized and saved, for instance a database or worksheet. Frequent services that utilize online web scraper are price-comparison sites or diverse kinds of mash-up websites. The most fundamental method for obtaining details from diverse resources is individual copy-paste. Nevertheless, the objective with Bitrake is to create an effective web scraping software to the last element. Other methods comprise DOM parsing, upright aggregation platforms and even HTML parses. Web scraping might be in opposition to the conditions of usage of some sites. The enforceability of the terms is uncertain.

While complete replication of original content will in numerous cases is prohibited, in the United States, court ruled in Feist Publications v Rural Telephone Service that replication details is permissible. Bitrate service allows you to obtain specific details from the net without technical information; you just need to send the explanation of your explicit requirements by email and Bitrate will set everything up for you. The latest self-service is formatted through your preferred web browser and formation needs only necessary facts of either Ruby or Javascript. The main constituent of this web scraping tool is a thoughtfully made crawler that is very quick and simple to arrange. The web scraping software permits the users to identify domains, crawling tempo, filters and preparation making it extremely flexible. Every web page brought by the crawler is effectively processed by a draft that is accountable for extracting and arranging the essential content. Data scraping a website is configured with UI, and in
the full-featured package this will be easily completed by Bitrake. However, Bitrake has two vital capabilities, which are:

- Data mining from sites to a planned custom-format (web scraping tool)

- Real-time assessment details on the internet.