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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Data Scraping Services - Web Scraping Video Tutorial Collection for All Programming Language

Web scraping is a mechanism in which request made to website URL to get  HTML Document text and that text then parsed to extract data from the HTML codes.  Website scraping for data is a generalize approach and can be implemented in any programming language like PHP, Java, C#, Python and many other.

There are many Web scraping software available in market using which you can extract data with no coding knowledge. In many case the scraping doesn’t help due to custom crawling flow for data scraping and in that case you have to make your own web scraping application in one of the programming language you know. In this post I have collected scraping video tutorials for all programming language.

I mostly familiar with web scraping using PHP, C# and some other scraping tools and providing web scraping service.  If you have any scraping requirement send me your requirements and I will get back with sample data scrape and best price.

 Web Scraping Using PHP

You can do web scraping in PHP using CURL library and Simple HTML DOM parsing library.  PHP function file_get_content() can also be useful for making web request. One drawback of scraping using PHP is it can’t parse JavaScript so ajax based scraping can’t be possible using PHP.

Web Scraping Using C#

There are many library available in .Net for HTML parsing and data scraping. I have used Web Browser control and HTML Agility Pack for data extraction in .Net using C#

I have didn’t done web scraping in Java, PERL and Python. I had learned web scraping in node.js using Casper.JS and Phantom.JS library. But I thought below tutorial will be helpful for some one who are Java and Python based.

Web Scraping Using Jsoup in Java

Scraping Stock Data Using Python

Develop Web Crawler Using PERL

Web Scraping Using Node.Js

If you find any other good web scraping video tutorial then you can share the link in comment so other readesr get benefit form that.

Source: http://webdata-scraping.com/web-scraping-video-tutorial-collection-programming-language/

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Web Scraping Services - Extracting Business Data You Need

Would you like to have someone collect, extract, find or scrap contact details, stats, list, extract data, or information from websites, online stores, directories, and more?

"Hi-Tech BPO Services offers 100% risk-free, quick, accurate and affordable web scraping, data scraping, screen scraping, data collection, data extraction, and website scraping services to worldwide organizations ranging from medium-sized business firms to Fortune 500 companies."

At Hi-Tech BPO Services we are helping global businesses build their own database, mailing list, generate leads, and get access to vast resources of unstructured data available on World Wide Web.

We scrape data from various sources such as websites, blogs, podcasts, and online directories; and convert them into structured formats such as excel, csv, access, text, My SQL using automated and manual scraping technologies. Through our web data scraping services, we crawl through websites and gather sales leads, competitor’s product details, new offers, pricing methodologies, and various other types of information from the web.

Our web scraping services scrape data such as name, email, phone number, address, country, state, city, product, and pricing details among others.

Areas of Expertise in Web Scraping:

•    Contact Details
•    Statistics data from websites
•    Classifieds
•    Real estate portals
•    Social networking sites
•    Government portals
•    Entertainment sites
•    Auction portals
•    Business directories
•    Job portals
•    Email ids and Profiles
•    URLs in an excel spreadsheet
•    Market place portals
•    Search engine and SEO
•    Accessories portals
•    News portals
•    Online shopping portals
•    Hotels and restaurant
•    Event portals
•    Lead generation

Industries we Serve:

Our web scraping services are suitable for industries including real estate, information technology, university, hospital, medicine, property, restaurant, hotels, banking, finance, insurance, media/entertainment, automobiles, marketing, human resources, manufacturing, healthcare, academics, travel, telecommunication and many more.

Why Hi-Tech BPO Services for Web Scraping?

•    Skilled and committed scraping experts
•    Accurate solutions
•    Highly cost-effective pricing strategies
•    Presence of satisfied clients worldwide
•    Using latest and effectual web scraping technologies
•    Ensures timely delivery
•    Round the clock customer support and technical assistance

Get Quick Cost and Time Estimate

Source: http://www.hitechbposervices.com/web-scraping.php

Monday, 25 May 2015

Improving performance for web scraping code

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I have a website in which the code scrapes other websites for getting the accurate data. While the code works good but there a decent lag in performance because the code firsts downloads the html stream from various sites(some times 9 websites), extracts the relative part and then renders the html page.

What should I do to get an optimal performance. Should I change from shared hosting (godaddy) to my own server or it has nothing to do with my hosting and I need to make changes to my code?

1 Answer


Ask those websites if they provide an API, or, if you don't need an up-to-date information or the information you need doesn't change frequently, if they can sell/give you for free the data itself (for example in an CSV file). Some small websites may have fancier ways to access data, like a CSV file for the older information, and an RSS feed for the changed one.

Those websites would probably be happy to help you, since providing you with an API would reduce their own CPU and bandwidth usage by you.


Screen scrapping is really ugly when it comes to performance and scaling. You may be limited by:

  •     your machine performance, since parsing, sometimes an invalid HTML file, takes time,
  •     your network speed,
  •     their network speed usage, i.e. how fast can you access the pages of their website depending on the restrictions they set, like the DOS protection and the number of requests per second for screen scrappers and search engine crawlers,
  •     their machine performance: if they spend 500 ms. to generate every page, you can't do anything to reduce this delay.

If, despite your requests to them, those websites cannot provide any convenient way to access their data, but they give you a written consent to screen scrape their website, then profile your code to determine the bottleneck. It may be the internet speed. It may be your database queries. It may be anything.

For example, you may discover that you spend too much time finding with regular expressions the relevant information in the received HTML. In that case, you would want to stop doing it wrong and use a parser instead of regular expressions, then see how this improve the performance.

You may also find that the bottleneck is the time the remote server spends generating every page. In this case, there is nothing to do: you may have the fastest server, the fastest connection and the most optimized code, the performance will be the same.

Do things in parallel:

Remember to use parallel computing wisely and to always profile what you're doing, instead of doing premature optimization, in hope that you're smarter than the profiler.

Especially when it comes to using network, you may be very surprised. For example, you may believe that making more requests in parallel will be faster, but as Steve Gibson explains in episode 345 of Security Now, this is not always the case.

Legal aspects

Also note that screen scrapping is explicitly forbidden by the conditions of use (like on IMDB) on many websites. And if nothing is said on this subject in conditions of use, it doesn't mean that you can screen scrape those websites.

The fact that the information is available publicly on the internet doesn't give you the right to copy and reuse it this way neither.

Why? you may ask. For two reasons:
  •     Most websites are relying on advertisement and marketing. When people use one of those websites directly, they waste some CPU/network bandwidth of the website, but in response, they may click on an ad or buy something sold on the website. When you screen scrape, your bot waste their CPU/network bandwidth, but will never click on an ad or buy something.
  •     Displaying the information you screen scrapped on your website can have even worse effects. Example: in France, there are two major websites selling hardware. The first one is easy and fast to use, has a nice visual design, better SEO, and in general is very well done. The second one is a crap, but the prices are lower. If you screen scrape them and give the raw results (prices with links) to your users, they will obviously click on the lower price every time, which means that the website with pretty design will have less chances to sell the products.
  •     People made an effort in collecting, processing and displaying some data. Sometimes they paid to get it. Why would they enjoy seeing you pulling this data conveniently and for free?

Source: http://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/141403/improving-performance-for-web-scraping-code/141406#141406

Sunday, 24 May 2015

How to prevent getting blacklisted while scraping

Crawlers can retrieve data much quicker and in greater depth than human searchers, so bad scraping practices can have some impact on the performance of the site.

Needless to say, if a single crawler is performing multiple requests per second and/or downloading large files, a under powered server would have a hard time keeping up with requests from multiple crawlers.

Since spiders don’t bring direct organic traffic and seemingly affect the performance of the site, most site admins hate spiders and do their best to prevent them.

Lets go through how websites detect and block spiders and also know the techniques to overcome those barriers.

Most websites don’t have anti scraping mechanisms since it would affect the user experience, but some sites do not believe in open data access.

Before going through this article always keep in mind that



A web server can use different mechanisms to detect a spider from a normal user. Here are some methods used by a site to detect a spider:

•    Unusual traffic/high download rate especially from a single client/or IP address within a short time span raises a bot alert.

•    Repetitive tasks done on website based on an assumption that a human user won’t perform the same repetitive tasks all the time.

•    The site has honeypot traps inside their pages, these honeypots are usually links which aren’t visible to a normal user but only to a spider . When a scraper/spider tries to access the link, the alarms are tripped.

Spend some time and investigate the anti-scraping mechanisms used by a site and build the spider accordingly, it will provide a better outcome in the long run and increase the longevity and robustness of your work.


Check the robots.txt file if it contains line like these, It means the site doesn’t like bots. However, since most sites want to be on Google (arguably the largest scraper of websites globally ;-)) they do allow access to bots and spiders.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

This line is for preventing well-behaved bots or the bots which respect robots.txt.

Another way is CAPTCHAs irritating presence in the sites other than in authentication page.


There are two ways to ban a webspider, either by banning all accesses from a particular IP or by banning all accesses that use a specific id to access the server (most browsers and web spiders identify themselves whenever they request a page by user agents. Chrome browser for example uses Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/33.0.1750.149 Safari/537.36

The banning can be temporary or permanent. Temporary blocks can last minutes or hours.


If any of the following symptoms appear on the site that you are crawling, it is a sign of being blocked or banned.

•    Showing CAPTCHA pages
•    Unusual content delivery delay
•    Frequent response with 404,301,500 errors,

also frequent appearance of these status codes are also indication of blocking.

•    401 Unauthorized
•    403 Forbidden
•    404 Not Found
•    408 Request Timeout
•    429 Too Many Requests


These are the best practices we can follow to overcome the detection.


Use auto throttling mechanisms, which will automatically throttle crawling speed based on the load on both spider and the website, you are crawling and also adjust the spider to optimum crawling speed. The faster you crawl, the worse it is for everyone.

Put some random sleeps in between requests, Add some delays after crawled number of pages. Choose the lowest number of concurrent requests possible. These techniques make the spider looks like a human being.


A server can easily detects a bot by checking the requests from a single IP address, So we use different IPs for making request to a server and detection rate become lesser. Make a pool of IPs that you can use and use random ones for each request.

There are several methods can be used to change the IP. Services like VPN ,shared proxies, TOR can help  and some third parties are also provides services for IP rotation.


Since every request made from a client end contains a user-agent header ,Using the same useragent multiple times leads to the detection of a bot. User agent spoofing is the best solution for this. Spoof the User agent by making a list of user agents and pick a random one for each request.

Websites do not want to block genuine users so you should try to look like one. Set your user-agent to a common web browser instead of using the library default (such as wget/version or urllib/version). You could even pretend to be the Google Bot: Googlebot/2.1; (http://www.google.com/bot.html)

You can check your user-agent string here:


A good user-agent string list can be found here:



Some site designers put honeypot traps inside websites to detect web spiders, They may be links that normal user can’t see and a spider can.

When following links always take care that the link has proper visibility with no nofollow tag. Some honeypot links to detect spiders will be have the CSS style display:none or will be color disguised to blend in with the page’s background color.


Only robots follow the same crawling pattern,Sites that have intelligent anti-crawling mechanisms can easily detect spiders from finding pattern in their actions. Humans wont perform repetitive tasks a lot of times. Incorporate some random clicks on the page, mouse movements and random actions that will make a spider looks like a human client.

6. ALWAYS RESPECT THE robots.txt

All web spiders are supposed to follow rules that you place in a robots.txt file in a website, such as how frequently they are allowed to request pages, and from what directories they are allowed to crawl through. They should also be supplying a consistent valid User-Agent string that identifies the requests as a bot request.

Source: http://learn.scrapehero.com/how-to-prevent-getting-blacklisted-while-scraping/

Friday, 22 May 2015

How Web Data Extraction Services Impact Startups

Starting a business has its fair share of ebbs and flows – it can be extremely challenging to get a new business off the blocks, and extremely rewarding when everything goes according to plan and yields desired results. For startups, it is important to get the nuances of running a business right from day one. To succeed in an immensely competitive space, startups need to perform above and beyond expectation right from the start, and one of the factors that can be of great help during the growing years of a startup is web data extraction.

Web data extraction through crawling and scraping, a highly efficient information gathering process, can be used in many creative ways to bring about major change in the performance graph of a startup. With effective web data extraction services acquired by outsourcing to a reputed company, the business intelligence gathered and the numerous possibilities associated with it, web crawling and extraction services can indeed become the difference maker for a startup, propelling it to the heights of success.

What drives the success of web data extraction?

When it comes to figuring out the perfect, balanced web data collection methodology for startups, there are a lot of crucial factors that come into play. Some of these are associated with the technical aspects of data collection, the approach used, the time invested, and the tools involved. Others have more to do with the processing and analysis of collected information and its judicious use in formulating strategies to take things forward.

Web Crawling Services & Web Scraping Services

With the advent of highly professional web data extraction services providers, massive amounts of structured, relevant data can be gathered and stored in real time, and in time, productively used to further the business interests of a startup. As a new business owner, it is important to have a high-level knowledge of the modern and highly functional web scraping tools available for use. This will help to utilize the prowess of competent data extraction services. This in turn can assist both in the immediate and long-term revenue generation context.

Web Data Extraction for Startups

From the very beginning, the dynamics of startups is different from that of older, well-established businesses. The time taken by the new business entity in proving its capabilities and market position needs to be used completely and effectively. Every day of growth and learning needs to add up to make a substantial difference. In this period, every plan and strategy, every execution effort, and every move needs to be properly thought out.

In such a trying situation where there is little margin for error, it pays to have accurate, reliable, relevant and actionable business intelligence. This can put you in firm control of things by allowing you to make informed business decisions and formulate targeted, relevant and growth oriented business strategies. With powerful web crawling, the volume of data gathered is varied, accurate and relevant. This data can then be studied minutely, analyzed in detail and arranged into meaningful clusters. With this weapon in your arsenal, you can take your startup a long way with smart decisions and clever implementations.

Web data extraction is a task best handled by professionals who have had rich experience in the field. Often, in-house web scraping teams are difficult to assemble and not economically viable to maintain, especially for startups. For a better solution, you can outsource your web scraping needs to a reliable web data extraction service for data collection. This way, you can get all the relevant intelligence you need without overstraining your workforce or having to employ additional personnel to handle web scraping. The company you outsource your work to can easily scrape data from multiple sources as per your requirements, and furnish you with actionable business intelligence that can help you take a lead in a competitive market.

Different Ways for Startups to use Web Data Extraction

Web scraping can be employed for many different purposes to yield different kinds of relevant data that generate actionable insights. For a startup, the important decision is how to use this powerful technique to provide valuable information that can make a difference for the future prospects of the company. Here are some interesting possibilities when it comes to impactful web data extraction for startups –

Fishing for Social Rankings and Backlinks

One of the most important business processes for a startup is competition analysis. This is one area where web data extraction can come across as an invaluable enabler. In the past, many startups have effectively used web scraping to fish for backlinks and social rankings related to competing companies.

Backlinks are important to reach a greater mass of better-targeted audiences, which can go on to increase customer base with minimal efforts. Social ranking is also an immensely important factor, as social actions on the internet are building blocks of opinion and reputation generation in this day and age. Keeping this in mind, you can use web data extraction to scrape for social rankings and backlinks related to content generated by your competing companies. After careful analysis, it is possible to arrive at concrete conclusions regarding what your competitors are doing well, and what sells the best.

This information is gold for marketers and sales personnel, and can be used to discern exactly what needs to be done to increase social buzz, generate favorable opinion, and win over customers from your competitors. You can also use this technique to develop high authority backlinks that help with SEO, targeted reach and organic traffic for your business website. For competition analysis, web scraping is a formidable tool.

Sourcing Contact Information

Another important aspect of business that startups can never ignore is good networking. Whether it is with customers, prospective customers, industry peers, partners, or competitors, excellent networking and open, transparent communication is essential for the success of your startup. For effective communication and networking, you need a large, solid list of contact information pertaining to your exact requirements.

Scraping data from multiple web sources gives you the perfect method of achieving this. With automated, fast web scraping, you can in a short time collect a wealth of important contact information that can be leveraged in many different ways. Whether it is the formation of lasting business relationships or making potential customers aware of what you have on offer, this information has the power to propel your startup to new levels of recognition.

For Ecommerce

If you sell your products and services online and want to stay on top of the competition when it comes to variety, pricing analysis, and special deals and offers, web scraping is the way to go. For many e-commerce startups, the problem of high CTR and low conversion is a stumbling block to higher bottom lines. To remedy problems like these and to ensure better sales, it is always a good idea to have a clear insight about your competition.

Future of Retail Industry

With web data extraction, you can be always aware of what competing companies are doing in terms of pricing strategies, product diversity and special customer offers. By considering that information while evaluating and cementing your own strategies, you can always ensure that you provide better value and range of products and services than your competitors, and therefore stay ahead of the competition.

For Marketing, Brand Promotion and Advertisement

For startups, the first wave of promotion and marketing is the one that holds the key to your long-term business success. It is during this phase that the first and most important public perception of your company is formed, and the rudiments of public opinion start taking shape. For this reason, it is crucial to be on point with your marketing and promotion during the early, formative years of your business.

To achieve this, you need a clear, in-depth understanding of your target audience. You need to categorize your target audience on the basis of many factors like age, gender, demographics, income groups and tastes and preferences. Such detailed understanding can only be possible when you have a large wealth of social data pertaining to your target audience. There is no better way of achieving this than by web data extraction.

Love your brand

With the help of data extraction services, you can gather large chunks of relevant data regarding your target audience which can help you accurately evaluate the potential of each prospective customers as a possible addition to your business family. To ensure that you have a steady, early wave of customers to take your business off the blocks at a rapid pace, you need to devise marketing campaigns, promotional strategies and advertisements in accordance with the customer knowledge you drive through your web scraping efforts. This is a foolproof strategy to have marketing and promotional plans in place that achieve goals, bring in new business and provide your company with enough initial momentum to carry it through the later years of success.

To conclude, web data extraction can be a veritable tool in the hands of a startup. With the proper use and leveraging of this technique, your startup can gather the required business intelligence to shine in a competitive market and become a favorite with the customer base. Working with the right web data extraction company can be one of the most important business decisions you make as a startup owner.

Source: https://www.promptcloud.com/blog/web-data-extraction-services-for-startups/

Monday, 18 May 2015

What is Blog Scraping Service?

Blog scraping is the one of the best service to increase the traffic of the site by commenting about blogs or writing review about blogs in SEO field. Most of the Blogs will allow their reader to review or write their own comments or suggestion or ideas or thoughts in the blogs.

Nowadays in the internet world we can find the number of blogs and sites related to various topics or various products. Main concept of this service is increase traffic of website by commenting others blogs. This is very simple and easiest method. But the main difficultly we face here is getting approval from moderator of the site which may take more time or maybe we won’t get the approval.

Hence Web Scraping seo is planning to provide this blog scraping service without approval as many moderators do not have the time to read and approved each and every comment written by various visitors. We will find the High PR pages on the various blogs related to your website content and write the own comment about those blogs and provide the link of your website or anchor text. We don’t have the option or the way to track the blogs whether it is approved by moderator or not. We will give the link with comments what we have typed on the blogs as a report. It will increase the back link and increase the traffic.

What are the features of Blog scraping Service?

•    Will provide the comments or reviews to blogs which having related niche to your product.
•    Will write comments only high density or high ranking blogs.
•    Fast and More accurate promotion compared to other service
•    Understand the Blogs by reading carefully and comment accordingly
•    This service is optimized and SEO friendly.

What are the benefits of Blog scraping Service?

•    Effect of time spending for this service is very less.
•    This service is best method to increase your site traffic with minimal effect and cost.
•    Increase your web site rank in all search engines.
•    Reach your site to more number of audiences.
•    Increase your product sale.
•    Fast and more results.

What are the advantages of using this service in Web Scraping SEO?

•    Web Scraping SEO is one the top SEO service provider in the SEO Market.
•    Expert people working on Blog commenting service will always do analysis to find the high traffic blogs.
•    Web Scraping SEO will get the approval from Blogs administrator easily.
•    Provides High Quality Service with reasonable price.
•    Provides on time delivery.
•    More flexible to clients.
•    Always met the Client expectation and Provide quality service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you provide the approval for each comment you typed on the blogs from blogsite moderator?

A: No, we are only responsible for creating comments for your website but we won’t wait for moderation approval, because Moderator is responsible for Approval, He may take time for approval that is according to Moderator’s scope. We will give only the blog links and the comments to you as a report.

Q: Do you have any system or software to track the approval of blog?

A: We don’t have any system or software to track the approval, we do comments in those top blog sites according to the matching keyword. That is only our job approval is from moderator side.

Q: Why you can’t get the approval for comments from moderator?

A: I can clearly answer this one, Because nowadays everyone is busy particularly the blogsite Moderators for that reason our comments got approved late. But we are not going to wait for that because we have a lot of works to do, But I assure you, that with the final reports that contains how many sites we have uploaded with your comments in MS Excel format will reach you.

Q: How do you select the blogs for commenting?

A: We are going to select top ranking blog sites related to your keywords, According to the benefits of your product we will give proper and attractive comments carefully.

Source: http://www.Web Scrapingseo.com/blog-scraping-service.aspx

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Web Scraping: Startups, Services & Market

I got recently interested in startups using web scraping in a way or another and since I find the topic very interesting I wanted to share with you some thoughts. [Note that I’m not an expert. To correct me / share your knowledge please use the comment section]

Web scraping is everything but a new technique. However with more and more data shared on internet (from user generated content like social networks & review websites to public/government data and the growing number of online services) the amount of data collected and the use cases possible are increasing at an incredible pace.

We’ve entered the age of “Big Data” and web scraping is one of the sources to feed big data engines with fresh new data, let it be for predictive analytics, competition monitoring or simply to steal data.

From what I could see the startups and services which are using “web scraping” at their core can be divided into three categories:

•    the shovel sellers (a.k.a we sell you the technology to do web scraping)

•    the shovel users (a.k.a we use web scraping to extract gold and sell it to our users)

•    the shovel police (a.k.a the security services which are here to protect website owners from these bots)

The shovel sellers

From a technology point of view efficient web scraping is quite complicated. It exists a number of open source projects (like Beautiful Soup) which enable anyone to get up and running a web scraper by himself. However it’s a whole different story when it has to be the core of your business and that you need not only to maintain your scrapers but also to scale them and to extract smartly the data you need.

This is the reason why more and more services are selling “web scraping” as a service. Their job is to take care about the technical aspects so you can get the data you need without any technical knowledge. Here some examples of such services:

    Proxymesh (funny service: it provides a proxy rotator for web scraping. A shovel seller for shovel seller in a way)

The shovel users

It’s the layer above. Web scraping is the technical layer. What is interesting is to make sense of the data you collect. The number of business applications for web scraping is only increasing and some startups are really using it in a truly innovative way to provide a lot of value to their customers.

Basically these startups take care of collecting data then extract the value out of it to sell it to their customers. Here some examples:

Sales intelligence. The scrapers screen marketplaces, competitors, data from public markets, online directories (and more) to find leads. Datanyze, for example, track websites which add or drop javascript tags from your competitors so you can contact them as qualified leads.

Marketing. Web scraping can be used to monitor how your competitors are performing. From reviews they get on marketplaces to press coverage and financial published data you can learn a lot. Concerning marketing there is even a growth hacking class on udemy that teaches you how to leverage scraping for marketing purposes.

Price Intelligence. A very common use case is price monitoring. Whether it’s in the travel, e-commerce or real-estate industry monitoring your competitors’ prices and adjusting yours accordingly is often key. These services not only monitor prices but with their predictive algorithms they can give you advice on where the puck will be. Ex: WisePricer, Pricing Assistant.

Economic intelligence, Finance intelligence etc. with more and more economical, financial and political data available online a new breed of services, which collect and make sense of it, are rising. Ex: connotate.

The shovel police

Web scraping lies in a gray area. Depending on the country or the terms of service of each website, automatically collecting data via robots can be illegal. Whatever the laws say it becomes crucial for some services to try to block these crawlers to protect themselves. The IT security industry has understood it and some startups are starting to tackle this problem. Here are 3 services which claim to provide solutions to stop bots from crawling your website:

•    Distil
•    ScrapeSentry
•    Fireblade

From a market point of view

A couple of points on the market to conclude:

•    It’s hard to assess how big the “web scraping economy” is since it is at the intersection of several big industries (billion dollars): IT security, sales, marketing & finance intelligence. This technique is of course a small component of these industries but is likely to grow in the years to come.

•    A whole underground economy also exists since a lot of web scraping is done through “botnets” (networks of infected computers)

•    It’s a safe bet to say that more and more SaaS (like Datanyze pr Pricing Assistant) will find innovative applications for web scraping. And more and more startups will tackle web scraping from the security point of view.

•    Since these startups are often entering big markets through a niche product / approach (web scraping is a not the solution to everything, there are more a feature) they are likely to be acquired by bigger players (in the security, marketing or sales tools industries). The technological barrier are there.

Source: http://clementvouillon.com/article/web-scraping-startups-services-market/

Monday, 4 May 2015

Earn Money From Price Comparison Through Web Scraping

Many individuals discover the pot of gold just within their reach. They have realized that there is money in the web. Cyber technology has blessed mankind with so many benefits that makes money very possible by just some clicks on the mouse and keyboard. Building a price comparison website is an effective way of helping clients find their desired products while you as the owner earn money at the same time.

Building price comparison websites

There is indeed much money in building price comparison websites but it is not an easy task especially for a novice in maintaining a website of one’s own. Since this entails some serious programming and ample familiarity with data feeds, you have to have a good working plan. In addition, what you are venturing into is greater than the usual blogs about just anything that you can think of. Furthermore, you are stepping into the vast field of electronic marketing, therefore you must be ready.

The first point of consideration is to identify which products or services are you going to include in your website. Choose a product or service that you and a majority of clients are mostly interested in. Suppose you want you to choose sports as your theme then you can include items and prices of sports gear, clothing such as uniforms, training videos, books, and other safety stuff. You need to do some research and even a survey to determine whether the goods and services you are promoting on your website are in demand and are what most people want to know. Moreover, it is on this stage that you may need the help of experts and veterans in the field of building to be assured that you are on the right track.

In addition, be willing to change in case your chosen category is not gaining readership or visitors. Then evaluate whether you need to expand or to be more specific in your description of the products and the comparison of the prices. Make your site prominent by search engine optimization (SEO) and make sure to acknowledge also that not too many people visit a site that is not free.

Helping visitors choose the best product/services

Good marketing strategy starts with knowing who your target audience are. There is indeed a need to do a lot of planning and research in order to understand your client’s needs and preferences. Moreover, knowing them thoroughly leads to achieving 100% consumer satisfaction. When you have provided everything they need to know about certain products, they would not need to seek elsewhere which will also gain you more regular visitors. Remember that your audience are members of communities and social networks such that there is a great possibility that they would spread the word around about the good services you are offering.

If there is a need to conduct a survey in addition to research, you should resort to it. In this manner you can discover what goods and services are not yet completely exhausted by the other websites or web creators. Ample knowledge about your potential visitors and consumers will surely make you effectively provide them with adequate statistics for their needs.

Your site will then look like a complete guidebook for them that will give them the best value for their money. Therefore, it must be thoroughly filled with product details, uses, options, and prices.

Making money as affiliate of eCommerce websites

Maintaining a price comparison website gives you less worry about getting paid or having your products bought and sold because income comes in through advertising and affiliate sales. Affiliate marketing is a way of earning money online by serving as a publisher for promotion of products, services or sites of businesses. The affiliate receives rewards from businesses for each visitor or client that comes to the business website or buys its product through the efforts of the advertising and promotion that is made by the affiliate. This is the online version of the concept of agent or referral fee sales channel. Aside from website owners, bloggers as well as members of community forums can also serve as affiliates. The affiliate earns money in three ways: through pay per link; pay per sale and pay per lead.

Trust in the reliability of the product - You should have a personal belief or confidence in the product you are promoting not only because it makes you sound more convincing, but also because you need to maintain your clients and establish credibility in your blog or website. In other words, don’t just pick any product. If you cannot use them personally, they should at least have several positive reviews and no negative ones.

Maintain credibility with readers and fellow bloggers - Befriend your readers and your co-bloggers by answering their queries sincerely and quickly. Your friendly attitude can win you their trust which is a very vital element of affiliate marketing.

Do reviews - In addition to publishing price comparison, you can gain more visitors by writing about the product and do proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So the expected happens, the more prominent the product becomes online, the higher will be your income.

Link with friends thru social media - Your friends have friends and their friends have also friends. Just think of how powerful your social media site can be when you post your link on your account on Facebook, Twitter or MySpace and others. Since trust is built on friendship, it is easy to get clients from among your friends and their friends.

Overall, you get all pertinent information about certain products through web data mining or web scraping. All you need to do is to be keen to the needs of your clients and use web content extraction efficiently.

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