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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Revitalize and Refresh Your Home With a Dry Organic Deep Extraction Carpet Cleaning

While everyone is familiar with the old-style of water intensive steam-based carpet cleaning methods, few are aware of the benefits of high powered dry extraction carpet cleaning technology. With the environmental concerns of today, and water shortages throughout the country, dry extraction carpet cleaning is starting to gain popularity. This method employs the use of vigorous agitation, deep cleaning organic and biodegradable cleansing materials, and high powered vacuum extraction, to rejuvenate and cleanse deep into the carpet fibers.

The agitation system is composed of two counterrotating nylon brushes which are safe for any synthetic and natural carpet fiber. Natural material carries the cleaning agents and is spread similar to that of carpet powder. High vacuum pressure utilizing HEPA filtration extracts deep down dirt, grime and mold particles. Dry extraction carpet cleaning, while utilizing no water, will leave the carpet ready to walk on as soon as the cleaning is finished.

With old-style steam carpet cleaning it is oftentimes required to use several hundred gallons of water to achieve the same results. And while this type of carpet cleaning may seem less expensive, what many of these companies don't tell you, is that the water they will be using will come from your own tap. Many of the cheapest steam cleaning companies will simply utilize steam cleaning machines which will pump the used water back into your yard.

Dry extraction carpet cleaning requires no additional or hidden costs from the customer. The equipment is lightweight and easy to maneuver, allowing the technician to finish the job usually in half the time of conventional steam methods. Utilizing completely biodegradable organic carrier agents, this material is worked into the carpet to achieve the cleaning and then extracted through high-powered vacuum. The twin brushed agitation method stretches and extends the carpet pile, leaving a texture similar to that of freshly laid carpet.

The scent is pleasant and not overwhelming, leaving the home smelling fresh. Dry extraction carpet cleaning has been around for quite a few years commercialy, but only now is it starting to gain recognition and serious competition to other carpet cleaning services. When looking around for your next carpet cleaning service, consider a dry deep extraction system. With this method there are no harsh chemicals or cleaning agents that can harm your carpets, whether they are wool, shag, cut pile or premium import.

Try dry extraction cleaning the next time you want your carpet deep down clean, you won't be disappointed.

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