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Friday, 5 August 2016

What's difference between web scraping and data mining?

What's difference between web scraping and data mining?

Data mining: automatically searching large stores of data for patterns. How you get the data is irrelevant, only how you analyze it. Data mining involves the use of complex statistical algorithms.

Screen/web scraping is a method for extracting textual characters from screens so that they could be analyzed. Commonly, it is used to extract characters from websites (web scraping), though not exclusively. This method for gathering data is direct, either through looking at websites' html code or visual abstraction techniques.

Web scraping could be a source for data mining but it doesn't have to be because your data may not come from the web.

Data Mining can take any source of data and if that process requires data available from the public web then web scraping could be one of the methods to get such data.
You can also perform web scraping. without mining it later.

The reality is that a lot of data today IS on the web and a lot of data mining does use web related data.

Web scraping is getting data from web. Data mining is getting knowledge from data.

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