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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Data Scraping - Enjoy the Appeal of the Hand Scraped Flooring

Hand scraped flooring is appreciated for the character it brings into the home. This style of flooring relies on hand scraped planks of wood and not the precise milled boards. The irregularities in the planks provide a certain degree of charm and help to create a more unique feature in the home.

Distressed vs. Hand scraped

There are two types of flooring in the market that have an aged and unique charm with a non perfect finish. However, there is a significant difference in the process used to manufacture the planks. The more standard distresses flooring is cut on a factory production line. The grooves, scratches, dents, or other irregularities in these planks are part of the manufacturing process and achieved by rolling or pressed the wood onto a patterned surface.

The real hand scraped planks are made by craftsmen and they work on each plant individually. By using this working technique, there is complete certainty that each plank will be unique in appearance.

Scraping the planks

The hand scraping process on the highest-quality planks is completed by the trained carpenter or craftsmen who will produce a high-quality end product and take great care in their workmanship. It can benefit to ask the supplier of the flooring to see who completes the work.

Beside the well scraped lumber, there are also those planks that have been bought from the less than desirable sources. This is caused by the increased demand for this type of flooring. At the lower end of the market the unskilled workers are used and the end results aren't so impressive.

The high-quality plank has the distinctive look that feels and functions perfectly well as solid flooring, while the low-quality work can appear quite ugly and cheap.

Even though it might cost a little bit more, it benefits to source the hardwood floor dealers that rely on the skilled workers to complete the scraping process.

Buying the right lumber

Once a genuine supplier is found, it is necessary to determine the finer aspects of the wooden flooring. This hand scraped flooring is available in several hardwoods, such as oak, cherry, hickory, and walnut. Plus, it comes in many different sizes and widths. A further aspect relates to the finish with darker colored woods more effective at highlighting the character of the scraped boards. This makes the shadows and lines appear more prominent once the planks have been installed at home.

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