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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Data Extraction: Tips to Get Exemplary Results

Data extraction is a skill, the more you master it – more are the chances of having a lucid picture of the volatile market and getting better perceptive of constantly changing trends. Escalating volatility in the market and intensifying competition has been the most contributing factors that have led to the rise of data extraction and data mining.

Data extraction is primarily used by companies (large and small, alike) to collect data from a specific industry, or data related to targeted customers or about their competition in the market. In fact, it has become a primary tool for marketers to plan their moves for branding and promoting particular products or services. It helps a wide plethora of industrial sectors to find and learn about specific data, based on their requirements.

And now with the rise of internet, web scraping has emerged as an important aspect that contributes to your success – the success of your venture or organization. It processes the HTML of a Web page to obtain data and convert it into to another format (i.e. HTML to XML).

Various extraction tools form an integral part of data extraction and data scrapping. Following offers a brief outline of some of these tools:

Email Extraction – An email extractor tool is used to acquire the email ids from any dependable sources automatically

Screen Scrapping – Screen scraping is a practice of reading text information from a screen and collecting visual data, rather than analyzing data as done in web scraping.

Data Mining as name suggests is a process of gathering patterns from information. It basically transforms the information into formats like CSV, MS excels, HTML and so and so forth, depending to your requirements

Web Spider – A Web spider is a computer program which browses internet in a systematic, automated manner. It is used by many search engines in order to provide up-to-date data

It is often seen that while extracting data; many get lost into the labyrinth of confusion, data overabundance, along with a lot of weird and not-so-familiar terms. Proper handling of these may sound easy, however; when not executed with appropriate procedure and processes; it may bring in disastrous results.

This no way means that data mining is a rocket science which only a few gifted and skilled people can take up. All it requires is undivided attention, keen preparation, and training, so brace up yourself for an overview of some practical tips that can help in successful data extraction and give a boost to your business.

Identify your Business Goals!:

Get a clear perspective in mind as to what are your business goals.

Data extraction can be bifurcated into various branches; and one needs to choose it wisely, depending on the business goals. E.g. your primary requirement is to get email ids of potential clients to conduct an email campaign; and for that you certainly need an email extractor. Use of this tool assists in extracting the email ids from trustworthy sources automatically. It essentially collects business contacts from various web pages, text files, HTML files, or any other format without duplicating the email ids. So, if you are not sure what you want; even applying the best tools will be of no use!

A crystal clear mindset helps in better understanding of market scenario and thus helps in formulation of powerful and effective strategies to get desired outcomes. E.g., people dealing in real estate business, should have a vision for it and which area they want to target specifically. With a clear vision they can clearly spell out what you want and where it should be.

Set Realistic Expectations:

Upon identifying your business goals, make sure to check out that they are realistic and attainable! Unrealistic and unachievable targets are the real cause for the obstacles and frustrations in the future.

Since, there are various tools that are and can be employed to extract data; vague or unclear goals make it difficult to determine which tool can be applied.

This crystal clear mindset; will help you give that insight about the direction your business is headed to.

Moreover, you can determine which method can be used to get excellent results. You can get a lucid picture of the past and present of your competitors and therefore helps in setting targets based on the others’ experiences. It is usually a wise move to set expectations that you have not achieved before.

Appoint Skilled Data Miner:

Skilled data miner with excellent data mining skills will reduce the painstaking and tiresome process of planning, devising and preparation.

For fresh start-ups, you can go ahead with the standard procedure however; if you have ample professionals at your disposal, pick up the right one who is not only knowledgeable but also reliable and sincere towards the task.

Prevent Data Deposits:

Being dead-sure of what you really want will help you avoid unnecessary data deposition.

Data mining just like real mining is a skill to know where the real treasure lies and being able to get it in the most efficient and effective way.

Being able to spot on authenticated & reliable resources, well researched information is what gives a short cut to locate the right and exact data.

If you are aimlessly opening every website; the results are bound to be ambiguous and would ultimately be a waste of time and effort.

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